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Once reserved for Incan royalty, the alpaca is nature's best kept secret. For over five thousand years the alpaca fibre has been prized for it's strength, beauty, softness and warmth. Rediscovered only recently, it is now revered throughout the world. From the mountain passes of the Andes in South America to the high fashion houses of Europe. Alpaca is a fibre truly worthy of it's reputation.

Masterweave Windermere New Zealand
Alpaca Throws in Natural Dye Free Colours

​​Alpaca Throws 1.85 x 1.25m   on special for a limited time $180.00 NZD gst excl.

This natural alpaca product has been manufactured in one of the most beautiful environments in the world - New Zealand. Sourced from Australia and New Zealand. Masterweave Textiles, New Zealand’s, is renowned for its consistently high quality Mohair and Alpaca products, including decorative throws, knee wraps and scarves. 

 Masterweave Textiles renowned 'Windermere' range of soft mohair throws are made here in New Zealand and enjoyed around the world. Alpacas evolved thousands of years ago developing a fine hair with remarkable softness, fineness, length, warmth, and strength. This dense fibre is a result of their harsh environment and the elevation in which they originated, the Andes Mountains of South America.  With fast shipping to Australia, USA, CA, UK, EU Worldwide.