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I am often contacted by customers who have disabilities and are looking for a blanket that is light and very cozy. They tell us our blankets are just what they've been looking for.

(John & Sue) are a cottage industry based at home in Gisborne. Our mohair blankets and throws are created from the fine hair of Kid New Zealand Angora goats. Having had the experience of 35 years, we have for 20yrs, have been specializing in our luxurious mohair and alpaca wool blankets full time.

In the single throw ( 1.8 x 1.2m ) (72" x 48") size we have two different weights to choose from,

 Winter Weight or Extra Winter Weight

Our Custom made Winter weight blankets have approximately 1/3 more mohair than machine made blankets and our Extra Winter weight have approximately twice the mohair content. We have maximum mohair content while still retaining the wonderful soft and suppleness of this unique NZ yarn.  Mohair is a smooth fibre that has no scales in it unlike sheep's wool or human hair. The marvelous benefit this gives is the non absorption of odours.It also has a most wonderful thermal heat retention quality that is second to none. Very importantly it is a fabric which breathes giving you a warmth that is light and cozy. 

Heirloom Weavers New Zealand
Extra Thick & Fluffy Mohair Blankets and Throws