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Luxurious Possum Merino Lamb's Wool Clothing, Knitwear using Natural Eco Friendly Yarns ​
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Home Spun Wool Chunky Knits
New Zealand Made Jerseys, Vests and Hoodies

Hotch Potch Mixed Naturals

Natural Brown Jersey with Hood & Pockets

Custom Made by Lisa at Twigley Enterprises ~ Gisborne, New Zealand.
​Ideal for Hunting Fishing, Camping & Sport. Phone Lisa on ~ NZ(0064) 6 8674115 

Natural Dark Brown Vest

Natural Silver NZ Sheep's Wool Jersey

We Post Worldwide including: 

USA, Canada, Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Europe, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Holland, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, China, Taiwan, Japan, Russian Federation, Singapore,  Australia & New Zealand and many more... 

100% New Zealand Sheep's Wool ~ Wonderfully Cosy and very Comfortable

Vests 100% pure wool in natural colour. 
$145.00 - extra small
$165.00 - small to medium
$185.00 - medium to large
$200.00 - large to XL+

*Solid dyed colours are extra eg. black.

Letters $3.00 each 
Hoods $45.00 natural colours
Bib Pockets $30.00 extra

Vests in 100% pure wool and 20% possum fur 
(only available in Hotch Potch 
mixed natural colours).

$195.00 - extra small
$210.00 - small to medium
$225.00 - medium to large
$240.00 - large to XL+  

​Jerseys in 100% pure wool in natural colour.

$220.00 - small to medium 
$240.00 - medium to large
$260.00 - large
$285.00 - XL+

*Solid dyed colours are extra eg. black.

Jerseys in 100% pure wool and 20% possum fur (only available in Hotch Potch - mixed natural colours).

$260.00 - small to medium
$280.00 - medium to large
$305.00 - large
$325.00 - XL+

We also have children's sizes in Vests & Jerseys available.


​Adults    $35.00
Kids       $25.00
Scarves   $45.00

All of our garments have a 14 day ​replacement or money back guarantee when returned in new order.